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The Arch-Illager, named Archie in the novel Minecraft Dungeons: The Rise of the Arch-Illager, is the main antagonist of Minecraft: Dungeons.


Archie was originaly an Illager or arch-illager who, presumably due to his shape and small size, was ridiculed by his fellow Illagers, and later exiled from his kin.

After being rudely shunned out, Archie set out, attempting to find a new home. However, he was also shunned by the Villagers in their fear.

Eventually, Archie's search for a new home led him to the Orb of Dominance. Under its influence, Archie, now the Arch-Illager, built an empire of Illagers, with himself as ruler, and forced all to do his will in revenge. Should any refuse, they were raided and enslaved.


Unlike regular Illagers, the Arch-Illager is small with a rectangular head wider than tall, and with bigger eyebrows.

As Archie, he wears a tattered brown robe over a green shirt, and holds a torch and bag.

As the Arch-Illager, Archie wears a robe resembling a Wandering Trader, as a tall crown about the height of his body, with a simple staff with the Orb of Dominance on the end of it.

The Arch-Illager is assumed to be the final boss of the game, both due to storyline elements and the difficulty selection screen stating that the later difficulties must be unlocked by defeating the Arch-Illager.


The Arch-Illager's powers are currently largely unknown, but he is presumed to have the Orb's powers. He is confirmed to command a large army of illagers, as well as being able to summon Ambushes during missions;