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The Evoker is a Boss in Minecraft Dungeons.


The Evoker has 2 attacks as shown below, which he alternates between. While not attacking he attempts to stay distanced from the player by running.


The Evoker summons 4 Vexes.


The Evoker summons multiple fangs in formation. If the player is close to him, he summons them in a circle formation around him. If they are far from him, he summons them in a line formation towards them.

As a Boss

Currently, it is known that Evokers appear thrice in Pumpkin Pastures as the first bosses of the game. The first is located just after the drawbridge, and is a miniboss. The second one appears past a river, and has the same stats. The third one, with three times as much health as the first two, is fought at the end of the level after an ambush from the Arch-Illager, being a proper boss.